Friday, April 07, 2006

Get Thin

Forget all those diets and aerobic fitness. If you want to lose the fat, join a judo class and have a guy 60 lbs heavier than you fall on you five times. I call this the rolling pin technique -- not officially recognized by Kodokan. First, all of the unnecessary oxygen filling your previously blissful lungs gets forced out of your nose and mouth. This has got to count for a few pounds. Then the fat that surrounds what muscle fiber you posses gets evenly distributed. The fat cells are like a brotherhood. When bunched together, they are formidable, but once separated from the pack, easily destroyed. So here's a few more pounds. Last to go is your pride. Having the stuffing beat out of you in front of all the little kids parents, chuckles and gasps galore, quickly gives you a sense of modest humility.

As the sensei mercifully calls an end to the night's beating, I mean practice, the silent air envelops you in the joyous knowledge that there is no more pain until next week Tuesday. Uno Mas!

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Judo Tonight

My son and I have gone back to judo practice this past Tuesday. My body started to hurt much more starting last night and could hardly get out of bed this morning. Not sure if sick leave is authorized for self-inflicted pain. It's been 3.5 months of relative inactivity (PONY league baseball). That, and the constant rain, have left me in typical pre-spring training form.

More pain in 2.5 hours!

Mililani Thunder

New season, new team -- almost. After causing a scene during the registration period, finally landed my top returnee from last fall's Warrior team. Fast, tough, and ALWAYS wants the ball. Him, plus my son and my assitant's son, makes three that understand the style of play -- find the fun in playing hard. The mix of new players are interesting. I have my cutter, two big-leg-gunners, and three young guys who practice small, but play big (Dr. Jeckle/Mr. Hyde syndrome).

After a month of rainy day blues, the Spring season finally came crashing on the shores of 10 Acres. The weeds were high, causing very slow play, and the mud and muck was everywhere. My foot got stuck in a bog while refereeing the first half. We were able to score quickly, and at times easily. You could see the other team (no team name due to no practice) deflate after the first two scores. In the end, my bull dog scored 3, my finesse player had 3, and the other team nothing. What a great way to start the season!

Gotta try to work on trapping the ball, and moving without the ball.

Friday, November 04, 2005

Let's Go Bows!

Blue Army

I've often wondered if the blue bins could fit in the grey ones to be thrown away. Or are these the things like those NMCI workstations that we signed for? "This is the yearly inventory of useless recycle bins. Where's your's? Who told you it could be used for other purposes? Now you'll have to pay the city a MAC charge to restore them to original state!"

Count Tyrone Rugen

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Future Gee Why

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Library Benefits

My kids have always loved going to the Mililani Library to check out arm fulls of books at at time. For the longest time, I had believed this was the best the library had to offer, and prefered shopping at a local Borders or online with Amazon.

Thanks to my pah'ke/manju coworkers, I've discovered the true power of the local library system. With a few clicks, I've been able to search the entire state catalog and request items to be delivered to the branch of my choice. Went from #356 in line on the day the latest Harry Potter book came out to getting my copy two weeks later. I've gotten stuff from the neighbor islands, and it kind of feels like getting a message in a bottle washed on the shore.

Last item borrowed: 24, Season 2, for $1/week. Sure beats $52.49, although I had to drive a couple of miles to pick it up.

Tightwads rejoice!

Hello World